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Snape is a very ancient place with links back to the 1st Millennium and before; in fact there is plentiful evidence of Viking, Roman and other "visitors" over some 2000 plus years. There is background ...

the bridge at Snape.. circa 1850 ... About Snape (by John Waddell, a previous Village Recorder)

Ben Britten ...about Benjamin Britten's association with Snape by John Waddell

......about the Village Sign - how it came to be & now including a note from the designer, Jenny Toombs and those who put it up

the Church of St John the Baptist & its congregation

Snape Primary School Primary School

Methodists Chapel, Snapethe Snape Methodists' Chapel ( now a private residence)



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Updated: 2 December, 2019

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the Parish Council, District and County Councils' the web sites and other services of interest such as the News Feed and FTSE Share and Currency information, the BBC, National Trust, etc.

And not forgetting that Snape & Suffolk are part of the most unspoilt locations in England and the UK and a most popular destination for travellers from all over the world, we also have an Accommodation (or accomodation if you like!) listing; information about our highly sought-out pubs (The Golden Key, The Crown), all of whom also offer full accommodation and eating facilities; details of events presented by the Aldeburgh Foundation and the Britten-Pears School of Advanced Music at the Snape Malting Concert Hall that also provides such calming walks along the riverbank or journey along a river (the Alde).

And if you are planning to be here for more than a couple of days and wonder if there's enough to keep you busy, try the What To Do page for some ideas - whether you need to shop or do something else.


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